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Philosophy & Vision

NRI Group Procurement Policy

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The NRI Group will conduct its business with external contractors, suppliers, and other business partners in accordance with the procurement policy outlined below.

Building Partnerships

We will interact with our business partners as equals, treating them with sincerity to build and maintain constructive relationships such that we can mutually develop our businesses.

Fair Opportunities

We will provide fair opportunities to compete for our business to our business partners, who will be selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of their business conditions; the quality, lead time, and costs of their products and services; and their contribution to society as viewed through their approaches to environmental, social, and governance factors.

Respecting ESG*

While complying with laws, regulations and social norms, we will conduct procurement activities that consider the environment and human rights and similar elements. Together with our business partners, we will contribute to creating a sustainable society.

*Environmental, Social, Governance

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